{Last Minute Gifts}

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The Doie Lounge virtual gift card is here! It’s not too late to give the gift of luxury.


{All That Glitters}

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Maybe it’s because holiday parties are in full swing and New Years Eve is just around the corner, but I’m currently obsessed with all things sparkly. There is nothing like some (tasteful) glitter to add some glamour to an event. I hope these images will inspire you to add a shiny touch to your holiday party or New Years Eve wedding.

Blowing Glitter Glitter Bouquet Glitter Feathers Glitter Macaroons Glitter Nails Champagne GlitterGlitter CakeGlitter Girl

All images can be linked back to their original blogs, here.


{Deals} Cyber Monday

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Doie Lounge Holiday



*HOLIDAY20 code cannot be combined with any other offer

{Guest Blogger} New Last Name

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Going from “Miss” to “Mrs.” is a big step. If you choose to take your new husband’s last name, the switch can be an exciting and satisfying part of the wedding. There are a lot of ways to incorporate your new surname into the festivities, especially when it comes to DIY projects. Don’t be afraid to show off that new moniker! Here are a few ways to add some personal flair (and your new name) to your wedding celebration.

 {Photo: Ryan Phillips Photography}

Your Stamp

You can put your stamp on your wedding decorations – literally! Add a special touch to your DIY decorations by ordering a rubber stamp customized with your new surname or monogram. This accessory will be helpful if you decide to make your own wedding favors or thank you notes. You can stamp gift tags, cardstock, labels, etc. for an easy custom element. If you’re feeling particularly industrious, follow these instructions to make your own rubber stamp. And if you have a lot of DIY ventures planned for your nuptials, you can also top off these projects by printing customizable labels. This site has a ton of options to choose from, ranging from candy bar labels to paper fortune cookies.

{Photo Via: Intimate Weddings}

For the Lazy-DIYer

Laborious craft projects aren’t the only way to highlight your name change. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your wedding preparations already, or you aren’t much of an artistic soul, don’t fret! There are a lot of resources for customizable decorations. For example, a gift site like this one offers a wide variety of personalized merchandise. With a little browsing, you’ll find many options for displaying your new last name on your wedding day (and long after, as well).


After the Big Day

When you’ve changed your last name, the excitement doesn’t have to stop when your wedding ends. There are a lot of ways that you can celebrate your new surname when you get home. A good first step is to order (or create your own) customized return address labels. This will be particularly useful if you’ve relocated after your wedding – your family and friends will be able to see your new address clearly when you send them thank you notes. Not to mention, it will save you a lot of time when you don’t have to rewrite your address on every letter. A few other ways your new last name might come into play are monogrammed towels, a mailbox sign, or luggage tags. These items might be good additions to your wedding registry, so be sure to think ahead! And don’t forget the practical considerations, such as your passport, credit cards, or driver’s license – you’ll want to change those things right away, or travel may become a hassle.

There are lots of ways to celebrate your new name on your wedding day and afterward. Don’t be shy about sharing that name change with your guests in creative ways. The outcome will personalize your wedding and add a little extra charm to the event. Be proud and be inventive – you’ll be amazed by the results.

Morgan Gray is a writer from NY with a fetish for stationery whose recent MOH title has inspired her to share her advice and tips. She hopes her experiences will help other women in similar ‘dresses.’

{Holiday Cheer}

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Get into the holiday spirit! With Hanukkah just around the corner and Christmas coming up fast, start your holiday shopping early with the code: HOLIDAYCHEER for 15% off.

Happy Holidays! How will you celebrate?

{Q & A} Richard from OnTime Guest

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The last thing that a bride needs on her wedding day is multiple calls and texts from guests who are lost or can’t remember what time the ceremony starts. Marrying couples want to eliminate stress for themselves and their guests on their wedding day. Enter OnTime Guest, a mobile website that includes photos of venues, click-to-call contact information, last-minute details for events and hotels as well as local attractions and hot spots for guests to check out.

“Couples have enough to worry about with their special day without additional concern about vendors and guests not being able to find their venues,” says Christian Gurney, president and CEO of Torsion Mobile, OnTime Guest’s creator.

{Photo: Erin Johnson}

I wanted to learn more about this novel idea, so I went straight to the source and interviewed OnTime Guest’s co-creator, Richard K.

Doie Louge: Mobile wedding websites – this is genius!  How did this idea start?

Richard K: Having attended several out of town weddings where I didn’t know my way around the city, I decided to create a mobile website that I could use on my smartphone that would give me directions to the various events.  Since my phone’s built in GPS knows my location at any point, I could easily get driving directions. Based on my experience, we created the OnTime Guest service figuring that this would be a handy tool for anyone hosting or attending a wedding.

DL: What, in your opinion, is the advantage of having a mobile wedding website?

RK: It is getting to the point where almost everyone owns a smartphone (iPhone, Andriod, etc.) and the built-in GPS on these devices makes it easy to get directions .  Rather that creating an actual App that you have to find and download from the iTunes or Google Play store, all of the phones have a web browser so it is easy to access a mobile website. The sites can also be changed and updated in real time, so there is a definite advantage to printed paper maps that might be out-of-date.


DL: Can the sites be customized to include the couple’s wedding colors and themes?

RK: Absolutely.  We don’t use templates so the design of our sites can incorporate the couple’s wedding colors and themes.  Each site is custom created specifically for the couple and their wedding location anywhere in the world.

DL: Do you design the sites yourself? What if the people getting married wanted to design their own site, would they be able to do that?

RK: Although it might be fun to design and create your own site, all of the sites are designed and created by us.  We are experts at this.  Couples have plenty of other things to do in planning and arranging their details of their wedding.


DL: This beats having a bunch of paper maps and information– do you find that some couples are opting for mobile websites to eliminate paper, in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly?

RK: Yes.  In addition to being an incredibly handy tool, why not respect the environment and eliminate unnecessary printing and save our resources.

DL: How can someone get in touch with you if they want to have a site created?

RK: You can contact us by going to our website – www.ontimeguest.com and fill out the Contact Us form.  We will get right back to you so you can get started.

DL: Are you offering any specials or deals?

RK: We are offering a special on the OnTime Guest Facebook page. If you are getting married between now and Valentine’s Day 2014, like our page for a chance to receive one of ten free OnTime Guest sites for your wedding. We will pick ten random “fans” on November 22, 2013. The only requirement is that your wedding must be between now and February 15, 2014. Not getting married that soon? Like our page to be notified of future promotions, discounts and chances to get a free site.

{Giveaway} Project Nursery

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Looking to win a Doie Lounge robe? You don’t have to be pregnant to be chosen. Head on over to Project Nursery for your chance to win!

{DIY Wedding Makeup}

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Not everyone wants to trust a makeup artist on the most important day of their life, which is why more and more brides are deciding to do their own makeup on the big day. This infographic from our friends at  Simply Bridal shows the four most popular wedding makeup styles, and how you can do them on your own.

I like the “Smokey Eyes” the best– which is your favorite look?

{Inspirational Road Trip}

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Being a small business owner is a wonderful thing, but the business becomes like your baby– I never want to leave it and it is on my mind all the time. With “wedding season” winding down and “holiday season” coming up fast, the end of September seemed like the perfect time to take a vacation to unwind, unplug, and become inspired for next season.

When planning a trip, my first inclination is to want to leave the country– explore another continent and a new culture, so when my boyfriend suggested that we take a road trip leaving from our apartment in San Francisco, I was excited to see our own country. I immediately had flashbacks to the road trips that I would take in my early twenties with my best friend– there is nothing quite like the open road, music blaring, and the constantly changing scenery.

Nature has always been one of my biggest inspirations, so although this was technically vacation, I couldn’t help but come up with a bunch of new ideas for Doie Lounge. There should be some new prints on the horizon…

I loved the deep reds and pinks of Utah! The contrast with the blue sky was particularly inspiring.

The little towns along the way also offered a lot of color and design details that caught my eye.

It’s amazing the beauty that can be found so close to home. I hope that this post inspires you to take a road trip– beauty is truly all around us.

{Giveaway Follow up}

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One of the best things about my job is getting feedback from happy customers. Nothing makes my day like a photo in my inbox from a bride, new mom, or anyone sporting a Doie Lounge robe with a smile. So you can imagine my excitement when I received some images from Trena’s wedding. Trena was a Doie Lounge robe winner, in one of our giveaway contests and we featured her sweet engagement story last year.

Trena looks so happy and beautiful, I love these photos by photographer Katy Weaver

When asked about her wedding, Trena said the following:

“Many of the elements were DIY, from the pinwheels, to the programs, to the invitations. Even my necklace and bracelet were DIY by one of my bridesmaids, who wore it for her own wedding. It was a casual, garden party style wedding, where everyone could cut loose, dance, and play our home-made giant jenga. We couldn’t stop smiling all night!
Thank you again for the AMAZING robe. It was so soft, and all the girls complimented me on it! I still wear it too!”

Her gorgeous smile says it all.