Bangalow Bride

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{ Photo: Blue Tulip Imaging }

My husband & I have been together for ten years and travelled the world and lived overseas together but we decided to get married in one of our favourite places, Bangalow. It is a tiny town just south of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. We got ready at two separate houses in Byron Bay and held our wedding at The Bangalow A&I Hall and Showgrounds. We had a relaxed DIY wedding with most of our vendors/suppliers being friends and family. My Bridesmaids were my older sister and one of my oldest friends. I also got one of your robes for my mum to wear while we got our hair and makeup done. Like most brides I searched for the perfect gift that they could keep and would actually want to have. I searched all the department stores and could never find the perfect ones. One day I saw the Style Me Pretty competition to win a robe and I could not believe it when I was chosen. The robe was so soft and luxurious that I just had to get three more for my bridesmaids and my mum! They were so excited when I presented them with their gorgeous robes they couldn’t get them on quick enough. The material is so soft and breathable it was perfect for a warm spring day in Australia. Some of my favourite memories of the day, besides the feeling of being married, were sitting around getting pampered and made up in our robes, sipping champagne, and reading my vows to my bridesmaids before the ceremony practising so I wouldn’t cry! Sara it was such a pleasure dealing with you, it was so easy and the robes arrived in plenty of time for our day. Thank you so much for your assistance.

~ Kimberley H. married 12.12.15, in Bangalow

Absolutely Perfect

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“I absolutely LOVE my Doie robe. The material is eco-friendly and luxuriously soft, so absolutely perfect when cuddling with my baby boy. I wear it almost every day and treasure my cozy moments feeding my son in such a comfortable, yet beautiful robe. Only wish I could walk out the door in it! ”

~Mika S., baby Graydon born September 2015

Magical Day

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Kelly in Doie Lounge robes

{ Photo: Travis Wood }

“Our wedding took place on April 17th, 2015 at the Palais Royale in Toronto, ON. As many brides do, I was trying to find a gift that my girls would not only have forever, but would remind them of the special day they were a part of. The robes are made beautifully, so soft and luxurious. Sara was an absolute pleasure, she responded to emails immediately and helped me customize the robes so my girls, my mom, and my mother-in-law all looked the same yet slightly different. This robe is not only a reminder of the most magical day of my life, but of the support and love I received from my girls on our special day! Thanks again Sara.”

~ Kelly H., married 4.17.15 in Toronto, ON

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

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As the wedding date nears, many of the major logistics have been worked out, but the most memorable element of the ceremony is the exchanging of the wedding vows. It’s the moment when many guests will reach for their tissues to dab their teary eyes. For most ceremonies, the guests can even mouth along; it’s a script so familiar that many of us know it by heart: “Do you take this woman to be your wedded wife…” You get the idea. So what if you both (that’s key) want to buck that trend a little? Maybe you’re creative, maybe you’re not too religious, or maybe you’ve been to enough weddings that you want to do something a little different. You want to write your own wedding vows, but how do you do it? Here are few ways to get started:

marble-readings-780x520{ Photo: Marble Rye Photography }

  • Begin by writing yours independently. Don’t try to sit down with your future spouse and write the vows together at first. There will be too much pressure. Just sit alone and think about why you have chosen to commit yourself to this person for eternity. Make a list. Then come together and share; see if you have any overlapping ideas.
  • Use Repetition. Think about song lyrics and poems. Even if you fancy yourself a very strong writer, think about following some sort of pattern. The strongest vows, like a song or metered poem, have a refrain, some repetition. If you choose to share your vows with your partner before the ceremony, see if you can create a pattern between the two. Choose key verbs or nouns to repeat. See the example below.
  • Beg, Borrow, Steal. This is an old teaching adage, and it’s especially applicable here. Pay attention during the ceremonies at other weddings you attend. Perhaps you don’t prefer the traditional vows, but you’re having trouble writing your own. Borrow a friend’s creative mind. Maybe you both have a really close friend or family member who is prolific with the pen. Ask him or her to write something for you. Research literature on love; weave lines or passages into your vows. At our wedding, we used a Justice of the Peace in Vermont who found this; feel free to use:

If you fly to the furthest reaches of your dreams
I will fly with you.
If you walk among the obstacles of the earth
I will walk with you.
And should you stumble
I will hold out my hand to you-
Remembering our love and the promise it holds
To renew and begin again.
This, I Yates pledge to you Liz from this day forth.

  • Freewrite, Practice, and Edit. It is imperative that you practice reading your vows aloud for a few reasons: you need to hear how it’s going to sound, you’ll probably need to edit out a few lines (each should only last a minute or so), and you’ll want to establish a good pace. Try not to rush, mumble, or yell.

There is a plethora of templates out there that you can use to get you started if you literally have no idea what to say. But keep in mind, this is your day and you may choose to structure your wedding vows in which ever way you feel best reflects you as a couple.


Liz Mathews is a Connecticut based mother, teacher, and freelance writer who blogs on children’s books and related topics at La La La. Her work has appeared in Quality Women’s Fiction, Town and Country magazine, and Literary Mama.

Holiday Gift Guide 2015

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With 9 shopping days left until Christmas, it’s crunch time people! So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things…



Scarf Malena

You know that friend… the one who always looks put together, on top of her style game, and to top it off she “dresses with a conscience?” Well if you do, I’m guessing that she shops at Malena, a gorgeous online shop that partners with groups of artisans around the world who have come together to create beautiful designs that empower their artisans economically. Malena supports these groups and individuals through growing their commercial enterprises, giving them a global market for their goods, and sharing their skills, their craft, and their stories with you. Let’s be honest, even if you don’t care one bit about where your clothing comes from, their scarves, bags and jewelry make the perfect gift for any woman on your list. Don’t forget to check out their home items while you’re at it.


William the Beekeeper

William the Beekeeper

I searched high and low for the perfect gifts this year, that’s why I found it kind of ironic that the most beautiful pouches and wallets were basically in my backyard. I stumbled across this carefully curated boutique while getting a coffee one afternoon, in my neighborhood. Now I know what people mean when they say that you sometimes you find the perfect thing when you aren’t looking. Yes, I have an obsession with Japanese kimono fabrics, but this store goes way beyond that with an assortment of sustainable clothing, including in-house brand Kaileeni, lifestyle goods, antique furnishings, ceramics and local organic honey. The best part is that you don’t have to live in San Francisco to shop at William the Beekeeper, they ship!


Doie Lounge

Sleep Masks Doie Lounge

You can’t buy sleep… if you could it would be at the top of everyone’s holiday list. This is the next best thing though because it can help you get a better night’s sleep. I’m the most sensitive sleeper on the planet—any loud sigh or slight bit of light will wake me up. My friends are afraid to share a room with me on vacations, and my fiancé basically has to “sleep on eggshells” around me. That’s why I don’t go anywhere without earplugs and a Doie Lounge sleep mask. If I forget my sleep mask I have a mild panic attack, so I have multiple of these stashed in all of my bags, nightstands. I like this one, not only because I designed it, but the smooth silk helps to keep my face looking fresh and wrinkle-free, in the morning. Plus, it looks pretty and most importantly it keeps the light out.


Sweet & Spark

Sweet & Spark

Your best friend, she’s the best, so you want her to have something that no one else has. That’s easy with a stunning piece of jewelry from Sweet & Spark. Each item is carefully curated by the owner, Jillian, and her dad– they go “spark hunting” all around the country. The results are one of a kind vintage pieces, spanning multiple decades, that fit every style. It’s pretty much a can’t miss gift.



Pendleton Wool

Men! They can be so hard to shop for, but I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s called Pendleton and you probably already know about it. The secret is that even if your man isn’t outdoorsy, he thinks he is. Pendleton wool blankets are just perfect for that camping trip he keeps saying he’ll take you on, and even if you never go, it works great on the couch. This is the place to go for rugged, outdoorsy, items with style. Plus, everything is so well made that it makes the prices easier to stomach.




Pretty & Posh

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J + bridesmaids in Doie Lounge Robes

{ Photo: Rebecca Yale }

My wedding was up in Hudson NY in a big barn this past summer. Like many other brides, I had been searching for the perfect gift and really liked the idea of a robe—but many of them were poorly made. I reached out to Sara at Doie Lounge and she was fantastic to work with—helping me pick styles and spoke with me about the fabrics used. When the robes arrived I packaged them in gold boxes and put them on the bed of each recipient at the bed and breakfast we were staying at. My bridesmaids, mom, and mother in law were all so excited to receive them and kept complimenting the soft fabric quality.

We all felt so pampered and posh in our robes and it was so much fun to get ready wearing them. Obviously, at the actual wedding, everyone loves to comment on the dress, but I am so incredibly lucky because some of my most special moments happened before I even had my wedding dress on, and instead happened in my Doie Lounge robe! Getting ready with my mom, bridesmaids and friends, exchanging notes with my soon-to-be-husband, and reading his words to me—were all moments that happened in my robe. We even had some (looking back on it) funny moments happen while wearing them—like when my fiancé announced that he had lost his tux—and everyone was frantically running around in our robes looking for his outfit! Then my mom started screaming she found it—and the photographer perfectly captured that moment—tux and robe—together.

I know as my friends and family members start to get married I will be highly recommending these robes as gift ideas—or just gift ideas in general! They were a great find and spectacular quality!

~Jillian M, married 8.8.15, in Hudson, NY

Primping & Pampering

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Paige A in Doie Lounge

{ Photo: Your Still Life Photography }

Steven and I were married at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Raleigh, NC, on July 18, 2015, and our reception was at The State Club.  Everything was just beautiful and I felt like a princess all day, starting early with mimosas and plenty of primping and pampering along with my bridesmaids.  I made a great playlist of wedding themed songs, and we sang, danced, and had our hair and makeup done by Makeup For Your Day.

Way before the big day I began the search for the perfect robes to wear while we got ready.  I think I searched every website out there and looked in every lingerie department, but everything looked too short, too cheap, and nothing offered the color combinations I was looking for.  Then I came across Doie Lounge, and they were perfect!  They had tons of color combinations, they were just long enough, and the belts are sewn on so the robes actually stayed closed (and as I said, we did a lot of moving and shaking :).  Ordering was so easy and Sara stayed in touch with us through the whole process making sure we had ordered the right sizes and that we had plenty of time to receive them. She even followed up after the delivery to make sure we were happy.  And we were EXTREMELY HAPPY!  The robes are so soft and luxurious and worth every penny.  I gave the robes to my girls at the bridesmaid lunch—they loved them!  Thank you Sara for such great follow through.  I will be recommending Doie robes to all of my friends!

~ Paige A, married 7.18.15 in Raleigh, NC

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