{Nontraditional Registries} A New Way To Register

At a friend’s bachelorette last weekend in Manhattan Beach, the discussion turned to registries and in particular, registering at Honeyfund. I had never heard of Honeyfund and was immediately intrigued. It’s a website where a couple can register for their honeymoon—plane tickets, dinners out, hotels… anything and everything honeymoon related.


The discussion about registering for a honeymoon came up because someone had told this bride-to-be that it wasn’t classy to register there, that there was something tacky about asking people to gift you money for your honeymoon. It was pointed out that the woman who said this was on the older side, so it’s possible that it would be seen that way because there is something untraditional about it.



Traveling is one of the most important things to me. I love to see the world and some of my favorite times have taken place on foreign soil. I personally would rather go on a kick-ass vacation with my new husband, than have a ton of serving dishes we may or may not use. Wedding gifts are pretty much obligatory, so why not get them something that they really want, and if that something is contributing to an amazing honeymoon that they couldn’t otherwise afford, so be it. I personally believe that memories are more important than “things.”


I once bought a goat as a wedding present for a friend. It might sound crazy but it’s a lot more common than you think. With Heifer International, you can purchase animals for poverty stricken communities. These animals, coupled with training, can help generate income to lift families out of poverty. Milk from cows, honey from bees, these are hand-ups, not just a hand-out, Heifer International empowers people to turn lives of hunger and poverty into self-reliance and hope. They even have a registry sign up to make it easy for people to give, so your wedding is actually helping to change the world!

A friend of mine got married last year and by the time I got to her registry almost everything had been purchased. I called her to ask what else they had been wanting and she said “nothing, seriously, nothing.” She went on to tell me that their little Manhattan apartment was bursting at the seams with all of the gifts they had received and there honestly was not room for anything else. WelI, I wasn’t going to get her “nothing,” but if there is one thing that I knew she could never have enough of, it’s candy. I know it sounds crazy but this woman (& her husband) LOVE candy. So, I gave her a gift certificate to Sugarwish and this is the response I received: “I mean honestly. This is why I love you so much. SO ridiculously excited about this!!!!!!! I fucking love you and this is why we are besties.”

I happen to love the untraditional route, but what do you think?

{Birth Of A Bridesmaid Robe} An LA Story

Oh blogging how I’ve missed you! I’ve just returned from my monthly trip to Los Angeles, where I checked in on all of the people who make Doie Lounge robes a reality. While I am the designer, I do not actually cut and sew the robes myself– that is done by Rubin and the cutters in his downtown LA shop. The robes are then transported to Glendale (about 10 miles away) to be sewn by the talented Christina and her sewers.


This process is usually pretty seamless (no pun intended). I meet with Rubin to take inventory of which fabrics we have in stock I and let him know what to cut (based on pre-orders and just general stock numbers), he cuts it and sends it over to Christina. However, sometimes a bride requests something custom– like a pink trim on a white robe or another combo not offered on the site. On this particular trip, aside from cutting more robes for “wedding season,” we also talked about a new color combo in light blue!

{Laying down fabric to be cut}

I also met with our pattern makers over at “Fashion With Passion” and made some slight adjustments to the robe pattern. I have been working with them ever since I moved the company to LA in 2008. At that time I was still doing Doie Designs and I had two full collections to design, per year.

{Christina getting the robes ready}

I love working with my team and I’m continually impressed by their knowledge and dedication. It’s always very satisfying to watch the process and then see the end result– happy brides on their big day!

{Happy Bride}

{Engagement} Photoshoot

Today we have a gorgeous engagement shoot done by the talented Valorie Darling, of Valorie Darling Photography with makeup by Danika Lamb. Valorie is a Los Angeles based photographer who loves to use LA’s natural setting as the backdrop for her shoots.  When talking about this shoot, Val said, “this wasn’t a themed shoot so it’s very natural and really just them… no props or a big production.”
“Brittni & Josh live on the Westside of Los Angeles and love nothing more than spending their weekends near the sand. Walking along the Venice canals, beach cruisin’ on the boardwalk and relaxing on the beach. I wanted to capture them in their favorite places doing what they love together. Enjoying each other and their dog, Roxy, of course. It was amazing being able frame their fun-loving, relaxed spirit. Magic hour was truly MAGIC as they rolled around in the sand, stealing kisses…”
“A true love story never ends” is the saying they used throughout their wedding, and from the looks of this shoot, this love will go on forever!