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January 7th, 2013 | Posted by skirsner in Uncategorized

Yellow Cake Plate

“We got a cake plate today, from our registry,” my best friend squealed excitedly.

A cake plate? What did my free-spirited, “fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants” friend need with a cake plate? I immediately pictured her in some 1950s get-up, staying home and baking all day for her husband, in order to present him with the perfect cake on their perfect plate… and this didn’t seem like her at all. In retrospect, I may have overreacted, but I felt like I was losing her (she had moved across the country after only three months of dating him) and I felt like she was going to lose herself.  This was 10 years ago, we were 25, and in my opinion (at the time) we were much too young for cake plates.

Pink Cake Plate

We still laugh about that now, as my views on the once “controversial” plates have changed greatly. I think a cake stand is the ultimate glamorous wedding gift, even if it is never used—as was the case with my friend’s.  It evokes visions of classy dinner parties and intimate birthday celebrations—and what’s so bad about baking for your man every now and then…or better yet, having him bake for you? At the very least it can make a store bought cake look extra special.

Cake Plate With Glass Dome

There are so many versions of cake plates and stands out there– one could spend weeks sifting through Google images trying to find the right one. I narrowed my favorites down to four. Enjoy and happy baking!

Jadeite Cake Stand

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