{Weekend Inspiration} Vintage Glamour

I can’t remember a time when my grandma Doie {the Doie} was not “put together,” because there wasn’t one. She grew up in a time where women got “dressed” when the left the house. At 93 years old, she can barely stand on her own now, but she still makes sure to have a full face of makeup and a gorgeous outfit on, whenever she goes out.

This past weekend in Iowa, visiting my grandparents. It was cold out and they are not very mobile anymore, so we spent the weekend looking through old photo albums. I couldn’t get enough of the vintage glamour!


Although I love to be comfortable, and am supremely guilty of spending the day in my yoga wear, there was something so inspiring about the way that women dressed and looked back then. Even the black and white photos made me want to go out and buy the perfect red lipstick.

Doie Lounge is an amalgamation of us— the robes are both comfortable and glamorous at the same time. Although I don’t plan on wearing heels to go to the grocery store, I have decided to use my yoga pants just for yoga.

I especially love this last photo of them in Aspen– super chic!

{Saturday’s Song} Flowers In Your Hair

Flowers In Your Hair

When we were younger we thought
Everyone was on our side
Then we grew a little bit
And romanticized the time I saw
Flowers in your hair
It takes a boy to live
It takes a man to pretend he was there

So then we grew a little and knew a lot
And now we demonstrated it to the cops
And all the things we said
We were self-assured

Cause it’s a long road to wisdom
But it’s a short one
To being ignored

Be in my eyes
Be in my heart
Be in my eyes ai yai yai
And be in my heart

So now I think that I could
Love you back
And I hope it’s not too late cause you’re so attractive
And the way you move
I won’t close my eyes
It takes a man to live
It takes a woman to make him compromise

Be in my eyes
Be in my heart
Be in my eyes ai yai yai
And be in my heart

~ The Lumineers

{Excited About} Cloud Parade

As I write this we are at a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet and I am looking at a literal cloud parade below, but what I’m really excited about is the virtual Cloud Parade on my computer right now (thank you in-flight WiFi)!

Cloud Parade is a new online market place for the hip and trendy bride or groom to design and shop for their wedding all in one place. I was so beyond excited when the owners approached me to have Doie Lounge robes open a shop up on their site. Now brides and bridesmaids can add our robes to their “clouds.” Clouds are almost like wedding Pinterest boards, but even better because you can visually plan your wedding and then buy everything in one place.

They make searching easy too. Planning a grey, “hipster,” wedding? Just click on the grey icon and the moustache (hipster) icon and up pops all of the ideas and products that fall into those categories. Genius! Check out their new video on Vimeo—it will tell you everything that you need to know about planning your ultimate wedding in the coolest and easiest way possible.

Cloud Parade Video

They haven’t launched yet, but you will be the first to know!

{Weekend Inspiration} Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Although I live in California and we don’t get what I like to call a “real” winter, this cold and rainy weekend had me dreaming of somewhere warm and tropical. I spent several years living in Vermont and New York, was born in January, and like to be cozy, but I am in no way a lover of winter. In fact, I often find a place to escape to– even if just for a week. Although the sun did peek through on Sunday, I found myself lost in my pinterest boards, filled with destinations such as Bali, Costa Rica, and Tahiti. Below are a few images that kept me warm:

Fregate Island in the Seychelles

Four Seasons Bora Bora Tahiti

Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali

Kura Costa Rica

Enjoy and Stay Warm!




{Saturday’s Song} Ho Hey

Ho Hey

(Ho!) I’ve been trying to do it right
(Hey!) I’ve been living a lonely life
(Ho!) I’ve been sleeping here instead
(Hey!)I’ve been sleeping in my bed,
(Ho!) I’ve been sleeping in my bed (Hey!)


(Ho!) So show me family
(Hey!) All the blood that I would bleed
(Ho!) I don’t know where I belong
(Hey!) I don’t know where I went wrong
(Ho!) But I can write a song (Hey!)

I belong with you, you belong with me you’re my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me you’re my sweet (Ho!)


(ho!) I don’t think you’re right for him
(hey!) Look at what it might have been if you
(ho!) Took a bus to Chinatown
(hey!) I’ve been standing on Canal
(ho!) And Bowery (hey!)
(ho!) And she’d be standing next to me (hey!)

I belong with you you belong with me you’re my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me you’re my sweetheart

And love, we need it now
Let’s hope for some
Cause oh, we’re bleeding out

I belong with you you belong with me you’re my sweetheart
I belong with you you belong with me you’re my sweet (Ho!)


~ The Lumineers