{One Night in Ottawa} A Bridesmaids Story

August 4th, 2012 | Posted by skirsner in Uncategorized

I was surprised and delighted to find an email filled with photos, from a Canadian bride who I had worked with a few months back. When Ashley first wrote to me, she told me that she was getting married in Ottawa and asked if I knew how much the tax and customs charges would be. I had shipped robes to Canada before, but not for an entire wedding party. So, I went down to the post office to find out and they told me that they didn’t know and that it was something that Ashley needed to find out on the Canadian end. I don’t like “my” brides doing any extra work, but I let Ashley know the deal. She ended up being so exited about the robes that she said she would just go for it and pay whatever the extra taxes were going to be and that she would report back (which she did).

Photos by: Andrew Geddes, Union Eleven

I have never been to Ottawa and to be (embarrassingly) honest, I wasn’t sure where exactly, in Canada, it was located. So, I ended up learning a lot in this particular situation and I was excited when it all worked out. It was fun to work with Ashley and her photos show that it was all well worth it. 

Ashley got married at the National Gallery of Canada, on June 9th 2012. I thought it was really cute and different that she wore the same robe as her bridesmaids, instead of going with the traditional white robe– like the Lilian or the Bettina.

I normally reserve these types of photos for our Real Weddings Blog, but I wanted to show all of the photos, instead of just one.

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